Here is what people are saying about David S. Logsted and his work:

Note: Opinions expressed by Sandia National Laboratories personnel are personal opinions.
Sandia Laboratories does not endorse or approve specific businesses. Moreover, certain names
and locations have been replaced with generic terms in [brackets].

May 31, 2013:
From Agnes Chavez, featured artist at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) 2012 Art Show

David designed the projection system for my art installation at the Albuquerque Museum. His work was impeccable and the projection was world class. Thanks David for making my dream possible!

— Agnes Chavez

March 29, 2013:
Posted on LinkedIn

I have worked with many AV Consultants over the years. There have been a couple of bad experiences, quite a few good experiences, but only one great experience, the project I worked directly on with Mr. David Logsted of Compass AV.

David is the consummate professional in his demeanor, work ethic, and has unquestionable integrity. He will put an AV Contractor through the paces of proper qualifications, standards, deliverables, and testing, but works as a strategic partner with the Contractor to ultimately give a Client the best result for their project.

With no reservation, I highly recommend David Logsted and Compass AV for any and all of your AV Consulting needs.

— David Gaither, CTS, DMC-D, CSS-D, Free Agent for AV Design, Sales, and Business Development

Note: David Logsted and David Gaither collaborated together for project excellence while Mr. Gaither was a salesman and project manager for the audio visual contractor on a Compass AudioVisual project in Las Vegas, NV.

October 22, 2012:
Email from Janice Hernandez, a co-leader, vocalist, as well as guitar and mandolin player for “Alegrate!”, a band based in Tucson, Arizona:

Hi David,

I just wanted to thank you for your help in preparing for our gig this past weekend. The sound equipment you recommended turned out to be just what our band needed and, thanks to your patient and clear instructions, I was able to connect all our equipment and adjust our sound system without any problems! Also, because I actually understood what I was doing this time, I was able to avoid the stress of “trial and error” guesswork, and enjoyed the performance so much more without the fear and aggravation of equipment failure. You can be sure I will be contacting you again the next time we need help with our sound system needs!

Janice Hernandez

Note: When Janice contacted David Logsted, she was frustrated with the inadequacy of the sound system her band, “Alegrate!”, was using, and with how often sound system problems cropped up, aggravating the band members and interfering with performances. Through discussion, David analyzed the situation, and recommended a few sound system component upgrades, including a more appropriate sound/mixing board. He then provided basic instruction in live sound fundamentals and best practices, including audio signal flow, microphone and stage monitor behavior and selection, outboard gear and effects, and techniques to avoid audio feedback.

April 15, 2012:
Email from Mark Day, Crestron programmer and and owner of IdeaBox Media Group, Inc., regarding a visualization facility project at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV):


Great working with you on this project. I think you did fantastic job of working with us while looking out for the clients best interests. If every consultant knew as much as you I don’t think there would traditionally be so much friction.

Mark Day
Ideabox Media Group, Inc.

Note: In February/March 2012, under David S. Logsted’s review and direction on behalf of UNLV, Mark developed the Crestron control program and graphic user interface (GUI) for the UNLV GIS & Remote Sensing Core Lab. This project included a 4×3 array of flat panels, a 3D-stereo projection system, as well as videoconferencing capability.

August 30, 2011:
Email from Sandia National Laboratories’ buyer regarding the impact of a technical specification developed by David S. Logsted on the procurement process:


In discussions with the supplier, they were pleased to find the breadth of information that we were able to provide them via the SOW that you developed for our internal customers. This information has smoothed the way for a great transaction with the supplier thus far.

Thank you!

Candle M. Turner
Sandia FMOC Procurement

Note: For this client, a needs analysis and design were completed for several audio visual conference room systems, and a technical specification document (called “SOW” in the testimonial) was developed for the purpose of defining the needs in an RFQ to bidding audio visual contractors. The selected contractor is called “supplier” in the testimonial.

January 20, 2011:
Email to David Logsted from a lead technician/foreman, who worked under David’s oversight (Owner Representative & Project Manager) on a large project:

“Hey David!

I’ve had some time to think about the work that [contractor name] did at the [facility name] and the things I ended up taking away from it. I learned an awful lot of valuable skills and practices out there, and it was in no small part to your project design and methodology. If you didn’t know it at the time, it was a pretty big eye-opener for me. I’ve tried to carry on some of the practices you had in place (attention to detail, level of documentation, sticking to the scope of work) in to subsequent projects I’ve been involved with, and while there’s been a varying degree of success with each, I’ve definitely been able to learn something from the attempts. A lot of it just seems to be really common-sense stuff that as an industry we have a hard time remembering to do correctly, or at all.”

— Lead technician/foreman for a major systems contractor (technician, company, and facility names removed for privacy)

Note: This email illustrates how David Logsted‘s Quality Philosophy, while he serves as an Owner Representative & Project Manager, helps combat a common problem within our fast-paced, multi-tasking culture: inattention to detail and acceptance or mediocrity. Learn more on our Quality Philosophy page.

December 27, 2010
Email from Nicolas Behrmann, New Mexico Department of Information Technology (DOIT), expressing his thanks to David S. Logsted for his involvement in the NMCAC Visualization Gateway project:


On behalf of the Department of Information Technology I acknowledge and express appreciation for your professional efforts around the advanced computer visualization gateway project of the New Mexico Computer Application Center. You were an active participant in the requirements gathering sessions for the RFP process, and a valued resource for guiding the NMCAC QA/Acceptance vendor for the processing of the first 8 educational sites. Thanks for your support of this interesting project which connects institutions of higher education with the NMCAC’s Encanto super computer.


Nicolas L Behrmann, PMP
Strategic Planning Officer
[New Mexico] Department of Information Technology

April 10, 2010:
Posted on LinkedIn
“I have experience working with David Logsted in his role as both a client and an audio-visual consultant. His 25-plus years of industry experience allow him to provide unique insight and competence to his projects. David consistently exceeds his clients’ demands for quality and proficiency, with unblemished integrity. I recommend David and CompassAV to anyone in need of audio-visual expertise.”– Darryl ‘DJ’ Eubank , Sr. Key Account Manager at Cyviz AS
November 8, 2006:
Email from a Sandia National Laboratories’ procurement officer sent to Sandia management:

[Manager Name],

I recently completed the Weapons Integration Facility VIEWS Corridor purchase with David Logsted. I wanted to let you know that he did an excellent job throughout the procurement process. He wrote a comprehensive specification, and was willing to facilitate the more complicated process of competing the procurement, rather than insisting on a sole-source. He made himself available for several meetings with my management to review the solicitation strategy and the procurement documents. He provided thorough reviews of the proposals, which enabled me to document my files with strong, compelling arguments about why the Contractor was selected. David also led the technical team review and was present and provided invaluable contribution to the final cost negotiations. His commitment to the process allowed Sandia to save close to [13% of budget] on this project, while not sacrificing technical capability. I really appreciate all of his exhaustive efforts, and wanted to make sure they were recognized.Thanks,

Krista Nuttall Smith
Sandia Contracting Representative
Sandia National Laboratories

July 29, 2010
Email entitled “Awesome Support” sent to management at Sandia National Laboratories:

[Manager name],

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what awesome support [name] and David are providing for [AV facility name]. I am so delighted I can’t tell you how tickled pink I am. It’s been a sheer delight to work with these two gentlemen.
They are truly a god send…
These gentlemen are a true asset to our team and deserve special recognition.
I for one am truly grateful for their tremendous support and dedication and could not manage without them.
I hope they get the recognition they deserve.”

— Beverly Ortiz, Sandia Facility Owner & Trainer
March 23, 2010:
Sandia National Laboratories Employee Recognition Award nomination for Military Liaison facility project work
April 8, 2009
Sandia National Laboratories Employee Recognition Award Nomination for NMCAC project work
September, 2009
Sandia National Laboratories special “Thank you” from management for Military Liaison project work
July 3, 2008:
Thank you letter from the New Mexico Computing Applications Center (NMCAC)

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