Quality Philosophy


No Mediocrity!


In today’s multitasking culture, while many settle for “good enough”, I pursue excellence.
— David S. Logsted (Principal)

Definition of “Mediocre”:
“of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate”
— [www.dictionary.com]

Note: This Quality Philosophy stems from David Logsted‘s business philosophy

Our Culture Threatens Quality

Years ago, pride in workmanship was a common virtue and a man’s word was his bond. In today’s fast-paced multitasking culture, and especially in economically trying times, we are all pushed to deliver more with less.
Foundering Ship

    Pushed to deliver:

  • More work in less time
  • Increased productivity using fewer people
  • More value with less money

Like the captain of a storm-tossed ship foundering at sea, the pounding waves of stress can cause the unmindful person to throw valuable cargo overboard – abandoning the important to settle for what seems manageable. The pressure can tempt the audio visual systems contractor to adopt a survival mindset.

    The destructive “Survival Mindset”:

  1. Win the job (at all costs)
  2. Get In (install the equipment)
  3. Get Out (with check in hand and maximized profits)

We’re all susceptible to the survival mindset, so we must be on guard. Let’s look for a moment at how the survival mindset can impact an audio visual project. The pressure will trickle downhill after the project is won. The system may be designed hastily, without the detailed documentation needed for installation. Rushed, the installation team copes by adopting a “do only what is necessary” approach in order to finish the job and meet aggressive schedules. The survival mindset is infectious and can become a project or company culture if unchecked. Once it takes hold, details are missed, corners are cut, and the final product can be mediocre, unreliable, and beset with problems. Quality is a causualty of the survival mindset.

The Downside of Multitasking

A Stanford University study showed that heavy multitaskers consistently performed poorly in cognitive tests, reflecting an inability to concentrate and high distractibility, compared to those who preferred to complete one task at a time. Many believe the multitasker has superb mind control. On the contrary, the multitasker is easily distracted and a “sucker for irrelevancy,” according to the Stanford Study. Sound familiar? This describes many in our culture. Indeed, these days it is common to see tasks skipped or left incomplete, details fall through the cracks, and/or inaccuracies in the details. Mediocrity has become an all too common product of our fast-paced multitasking culture.

Details, details, details…

“The devil is in the details” – The “Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings” by Gregory Y. Titelman
(Random House, New York, 1996) shows this phrase as a variation of “God is in the details – Whatever one does should be done thoroughly; details are important. [http://www.phrases.org.uk]

David Logsted is a talented “big-picture guy” who multitasks as necessary, but knows that when focus on one task is required, distractions must be eliminated so the detailed work can be done well.

The Cultural Acceptance of Mediocrity Is Unacceptable!

Sadly, many people settle for mediocrity in their work as a means of coping in our culture. This occurs even within some of the best audio visual systems contracting firms. But the maintenance and operation of mediocre systems is very difficult and can be expensive. Even more, mediocre audio visual systems can be dangerous! This is especially true with high-consequence audio visual systems, such as those found in the medical, scientific, exploration or financial industries (our specialty).

Tall Ship

The solution

Project oversight by an AV-specialized Project Manager and Owner Representative!

~ ~ expert guidance for a smooth-sailing project journey ~ ~

Any job worth doing, is worth doing right.

Here’s a technician who’s come to realize the value of a quality approach (and it’s not that difficult):

January 20, 2011:
Email to David Logsted from a lead technician/foreman, who worked under David’s oversight (Owner Representative & Project Manager) on a large project:

“Hey David!
I’ve had some time to think about the work that [contractor name] did at the [facility name] and the things I ended up taking away from it. I learned an awful lot of valuable skills and practices out there, and it was in no small part to your project design and methodology. If you didn’t know it at the time, it was a pretty big eye-opener for me. I’ve tried to carry on some of the practices you had in place (attention to detail, level of documentation, sticking to the scope of work) in to subsequent projects I’ve been involved with, and while there’s been a varying degree of success with each, I’ve definitely been able to learn something from the attempts. A lot of it just seems to be really common-sense stuff that as an industry we have a hard time remembering to do correctly, or at all.”

— Lead technician/foreman for a major systems contractor (technician, company, and facility names removed for privacy)

A driving force behind the formation of Compass AudioVisual, LLC is to provide a technical resource to defend against mediocrity. As an owner representative and project manager, David Logsted will manage the project details and apply systematic quality assurance processes to help ensure your audio visual project is done right. Usually, the competent systems integrator is willing to adopt a higher quality standard for systems installation, providing the necessary performance requirements are spelled out in the contract. David Logsted is your ready resource to define the systems design and necessary quality standards, record them in a systems specification document to be incorporated into the contract, then oversee the system design and installation to assure quality throughout.

Quality and system reliability are achievable, with the help of Compass AudioVisual, LLC!

Please contact David to discuss your audio visual project, or with any questions about his quality philosophy.

  See the article written by David S. Logsted on this subject in the December 2011 issue of Sound & Communications magazine

What I Believe:

A statement of business philosophy from David Logsted (Principal):

At all levels, I strive to conduct business:

  1. Such that my clients each receive the best possible service
  2. With the highest standard of ethics, honesty, and integrity
  3. In accordance with scripture (the Bible) and my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

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