What is design?
Usually considered in the context of applied arts, engineering, architecture, and other creative endeavors, is used both as a noun and a verb. As a verb, “to design” refers to the process of originating and developing a plan for a product, structure, system, or component. — [Wikipedia, abridged]

Project Owner:

Compass AudioVisual, LLC can develop and deliver an audio visual systems design. This is what most audio visual consultants do. However, David S. Logsted prefers to get more involved in the project to ensure a successful result. He specializes in assembling audio visual system conceptual designs and requirements for the project owner, then managing the audio visual project through to successful completion. That is, after discussion to learn your requirements, David will assemble a design specification for the purpose of representing your needs to prospective systems contractors. It is very important to have such a design in place prior to selecting a contractor to build the system. Letting the contractor suggest and provide a systems design represents somewhat of a conflict of interest for the contractor, who may or may not possess the expertise and experience for the job, and typically will suggest components they’ve used before or which provide the most profit — not necessarily the best design or components to suit your needs. Instead, let David serve as your representative in the construction process. First, he will meet with you to assess your system requirements and desires, then manage the audio visual portaion of the construction project to ensure the job is done right. If you just want a systems design without project management, please contact David Logsted to discuss your project. David is happy to design an audio visual system for you, but it is important to understand and realize the risks involved with handing a design to a systems contractor for construction, without the necessary project management.

Systems Contractor:

David S. Logsted is available to provide audio visual system design services to the systems contractor. This is an especially useful service for the smaller contractor, who may not have a designer on staff or who’s designer may be too busy to take on another project. Also, in this tough economy, many businesses are forced to do more with less, so they’ve trimmed their staff to a minimum. As a result, the team can oftentimes be overloaded, working long hours to get the job done. This can have a negative impact on product quality, not to mention staff morale. Please consider Compass AudioVisual, LLC a ready resource to fill in with design and project management services as needed. Rather than over-taxing your staff, call David in time of need to supplement your staff during the busy times — his assistance can improve product quality and staff morale, leading to satisfied customers and staff, as well as business growth in the long term.


It is best to involve an audio visual specialist in the project as early as possible. As architects are not necessarily audio visual specialists, it makes sense to bring Compass AudioVisual, LLC onto the project team during the initial facility/building design phases (e.g., schematic design, charettes). This is especially true for advanced audio visual project which may require a dedicated room for projection equipment (rear-projection), specific room depths for projection optics (throw), or significant pathways for AV communications and the like. Bring David Logsted onto the design team early in order to avoid costly architectural design rework later on.

Please contact David anytime to discuss your project design or for more information.

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