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1) In the competitive bidding process, how can your company rise to the top?

Without an AV-technical person on the client side to review your bid package, it can become a price battle?

2) In today’s multi-tasking culture and hard economic times, companies are all forced to do more with less…

Employee time pressure, long hours, and the resulting stress can threaten product quality

David S. Logsted, PMP, CTS

Compass AudioVisual, LLC can help the systems contractor in at least two ways:

  1. Help your company stand out from the crowd & win more proposals
  2. Augment your team with technical skills

Please consider me an available resource for:

Augmenting the system contractor’s team

By supplementing your team with services such as systems design and/or project management, I can help you avoid the pitfalls of juggling so many tasks — Improving quality, your image/reputation, and the bottom line as a result.

I also realize the importance of teamwork on an AV project. When I work with systems contractors I take a collaborative approach and consider myself a part of their technical team. This perspective strongly influences how I work — communication is critical, and the success of the team and project is paramount. Please consider me an available supplemental team member when additional expertise or assistance is needed. I strive for excellence at every level, to ensure a final product which meets the end user’s requirements with exceptional quality.

Recommend Compass AudioVisual, LLC

Does this make sense?
Why would a systems contractor recommend a consultant?

A few reasons to recommend Compass AudioVisual, LLC as an owner representative:

  • Stand out from the crowd! It benefits the contractor to have an AV-technical person review the bids. An AV-technical bid reviewer helps the most qualified bidder stand out from the crowd. With Compass AudioVisual, LLC representing the owner, the bids will be reviewed by someone who understands your design and personnel/company qualifications. Then, during the contractor selection process, your design and qualifications will be properly represented to the project owner. This approach helps avoid contractor selection based solely on low bid. Without an AV-technical bid reviewer, most end users tend to mostly see the prices, because all bidders promise to do the job.
  • Building someone else’s design can be fraught with problems: Many consultants do a full systems design package for the end user; the end user then hands that design to the systems contractor to build. If/when the contractor finds problems with the design, the relationship can become adversarial very quickly. Compass AudioVisual, LLC is different. Although I can do full design packages for the end user, I prefer to function as an independent agent to represent the project owner’s technical needs to the contractor, while also working collaboratively with the systems contractor on the design. I then manage the project for the client. During this process, although I represent the client’s needs, I also consider myself and the contractor to be on the same team –we both have the same goal: completing the job with excellence, quality, and integrity.
  • Lets do the right testing! How many times have you been given a list of performance tests which are antiquated or simply don’t make sense (e.g., analog video tests for digital displays)? This can happen when a non-AV person (e.g., an electrician) writes the acceptance/commissioning test procedure. I target practical performance testing which matches today’s technology and delivers a fully setup, beautifully performing system. When I serve as the project owner representative, you’ll work with an AV peer on systems testing, rather than scratching your head to figure out how to meet the non-sensical tests in the specs.

    A few more benefits of recommending Compass AudioVisual, LLC:

    • Receive more detailed and accurate Request For Proposals (RFP) — no more guessing as to what the client wants
    • Deliver more accurate/competitive bids (as a result of accurate RFPs)
    • Work with an AV-technical person on the client-side throughout the project
    • Work with someone dedicated to AV project (not a manager or secretary who doesn’t know AV)

    Offering the following benefits to each systems contractor client:

    • Expert advice
    • Adept project management
    • Cutting-edge systems design
    • Appropriate technology choices
    • Accurate system documentation
    • Extreme attention to detail
    • Clean, quality installation
    • Thorough commissioning/acceptance testing
    • A technical client interface
    • Peace of mind (knowing you’ve got a highly qualified engineer on the job)

    Please contact me to discuss a specific project or for more information.

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