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Every substantial audio visual project is a journey, involving a myriad of technical details and decisions…

Save time, research, and money by hiring an experienced professional to lead the way through the seeming wilderness of the audio visual project journey

David S. Logsted, PMP, CTS

Let me be your guide.


  • Experience
  • Insight
  • Integrity

I will represent your interests while managing your project, to its successful completion.

An expert guide to represent you in the construction process:

To ensure my clients get the best possible result, rather than just delivering a design package, I prefer to come alongside my clients as a project manager and technical representative, so they have a qualified advocate throughout the entire construction process. This personal approach also provides a technical interface to the systems contractor, allowing my clients to relax, knowing the technical details are handled properly. My quality assurance processes also help ensure a superior result, in a multi-tasking culture too often satisfied with mediocrity.

Delivering the following benefits to each client:

  • Expert client representation
  • Adept project management
  • Cutting-edge systems design
  • Appropriate technology choices
  • Thorough system documentation
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Clean, quality installation
  • Thorough functional testing prior to system acceptance
  • Maximized value for every budget dollar
  • Peace of mind (knowing your project is in good hands and your needs are represented well)

Example project steps conducted by Compass AudioVisual, LLC may include:

  • Needs Analysis: Meet to discuss client needs and desires for the audio visual system
  • System Design: Done collaboratively with the client
  • Technical Specification: Write a specification document which outlines, among other things, the audio visual system design, requirements, and standards to be met in the final system and in the selected audio visual systems contractor. This document is sent out to the bidding contractors, aids in the selection of the most qualified contractor, and becomes part of the project contract with the systems contractor, becoming the “system Bible” throughout the construction process.
  • Contractor Selection: Review all submitted audio visual systems contractor bid packages to determine which is most qualified
  • Equipment Auditions: Some projects benefit from auditioning multiple equipment options to evaluate performance against project performance requirements.
  • Project Management: Guide the project execution as a project manager, overseeing the work of the systems contractor and reporting back to the client
  • Technical Decisions: As the client’s technical representative, numerous technical decisions must be made
  • Quality Assurance (QA): Ensure delivery of quality from the systems contractor
    • Acceptance Testing: As part of QA, write an acceptance test procedure to be followed by the systems contractor once the system is complete. Typically, this testing brings out systems problems to be rectified by the contractor prior to acceptance of the system by the client.
    • Documentation: Review systems contractor generated documentation for accuracy and quality. Today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking culture can lead to mediocre documentation (e.g., user manuals written by an engineer, inaccurate schematics, etc.). An eye for detail and an audio visual background are critical characteristics in the reviewer.

Please contact David directly to discuss your audio visual project.

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