With so many equipment brand choices, your product must stand out from the crowd…

and superior product performance is key to future revenue…

David S. Logsted, PMP, CTS

I can help ensure your product performs in a clean, quality system!

Please consider me an available customer resource for:

I am driven by a quality philosophy and will work tirelessly to ensure your product is installed and setup properly.

Equipment Manufacturer Relationships

I need to remain impartial and let my product recommendation be driven by individual project requirements. Therefore, I do not limit my product recommendations to specific manufacturers. Although I do have product/brand favorites I often turn to based upon past experience, I am always willing, in fact I am anxious to consider new products and technologies as this only adds to the toolbox of choices I can offer my clients.

I sincerely appreciate recommendations from product manufacturers. If a manufacturer recommends me for a project, I will genuinely consider, and if appropriate recommend their product for the system design. As this industry is always moving forward, it is important that I stay abreast of the latest technologies. If I am unfamiliar with a product, I will seek product demonstrations or evaluation units in order to gain a level of confidence with the product. Even more, I am always willing to consider a visit with a manufacturer for product and technology demonstrations. I cannot guarantee use of specific manufacturer equipment or any sort of reciprocal arrangement, but my gaining a breadth and depth of product knowledge benefits both my clients and the equipment manufacturer. I wish to collaborate with manufacturers in the effective application of technology.

The Manufacturer Benefits from a Clean, Quality Installation

Our multi-tasking culture and down economy both exert great pressure on the systems contractor and install techs to do more with less. The time pressure, long hours, and resulting stress can impact installation quality and hence a product’s reputation. By representing your end users in the construction process, employing quality assurance processes stemming from my quality philosophy, I can help ensure your product is installed to exacting standards — improving installation quality, your image/reputation, and the bottom line as a result.

Manufacturer benefits of recommending Compass AudioVisual, LLC to end users include:

Please contact me to discuss a specific project, or for more information.

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