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Need help with your conference room or other audio visual facility?”

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David S. Logsted is an AV expert, and available to help, either remotely (i.e., on the phone) or in person. Let him be the audio visual specialist you call for help with all your AV concerns.

David understands the importance of meetings, especially with a VIP in the room — reputations, budgets, and project success can hinge on individual meetings. Fully functional AV equipment (e.g., projectors, videoconferencing, microphones, etc.) is critical to the meeting success. Managing the operations of the sophisticated AV facilities at Sandia Labs required advanced system troubleshooting and support skills — David designed and supported these facilities for a decade. Prior to Sandia, he was a Field Service Engineer in Fab-11 at Intel, where he was part of a team responsible for keeping the key lithography equipment up and running 24/7. Finally, he’s been mixing live sound for over 25 years where at times he is required to troubleshoot, track down and fix audio system problems on the fly during live events (high-pressure environment). All in all, David possess about 25 years’ experience troubleshooting and fixing audio visual system problems. If you have any issues with your conference room or other audio visual facility, or even if your facility currently does not have issues, but you wish to keep it up and running smoothly, contact David right away! He is available to support you as an on-call AV support technician, to help keep your conference room or other audio visual facility up and running smoothly.

“What if I just have some occasional audio visual questions?”

With the complexity of today’s AV systems, the project owner or architect will benefit from access to an audio visual specialist for questions, advice, or services (e.g., document review & comment) on an as-needed basis. To fill this need, David S. Logsted is available as an “Expert On-Call.” Through this service, David makes himself available to provide project support through various electronic means, such as phone, email, and Skype. 

In our well-connected technology world, such access to an audio visual expert may be ample, especially for those less complicated projects. At a minimum, convenient access to an audio visual specialist is comforting to the non-AV-technical person charged with responsibility for an AV project; it is certainly the wise approach.

For more information, please contact David directly.

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