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Consulting and Project Management for Commercial Audio Visual Projects

*Note: AV = Audio Visual
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  • check width=You need an advanced or large audio visual system deployed in a commercial environment
  • check width=You’re concerned about pulling it all together and getting the details right
    (you may have good cause for concern)

Compass AudioVisual, LLC can help!

In today’s technical, highly specialized world, such projects require expert oversight, if they are to be done well and provide years of reliable service.

Compass AudioVisual, LLC Value Propositions

Entrust your commercial AV project to a professional!
…then relax

Hire a seasoned AV professional and project manager to be your technical guide and representative throughout the construction process.

Meet David S. Logsted, your Technical Owner’s Representative & Project Manager

David S. Logsted
The audio visual and automation fields have become extremely technical. The successful deployment of today’s advanced audio visual and automation systems require both qualified technical and project management skills.

Hello, my name is David S. Logsted. I have over 25 years of audio visual (AV) systems experience, with an emphasis on systems engineering. I spent 10 of these years at Sandia National Laboratories where I designed and managed the construction of Sandia’s cutting-edge scientific visualization facilities, their most advanced audio visual systems. These facilities required automated control to drive the technical hardware systems. I am a degreed electrical engineer and PMP-certified project manager. I’ve spent my career working as a systems engineer, in one capacity or another, but my focus has been on audio visual and systems engineering/control. I am also an avid outdoorsman; I especially enjoy hiking, and climbing mountains.

There are similarities between mountain climbing and an advanced audio visual project. Both are challenging, oftentimes explorative endeavors which require planning, experience, and creativity. Additionally, the quality of the gear is extremely important, and mistakes in both realms can have significant consequences. Years of experience in systems, electrical, and recording engineering, combined with extensive AV-focused project management experience, a deep audio visual technical knowledge, and an eye for detail, has allowed me to excel in this work. I especially enjoy gathering user requirements, mapping them to the latest technology, and ensuring these requirements are met in every aspect of the project — with the objective of technical excellence and best value for the dollar. As your technical representative and advocate during project construction, I will manage the audio visual project from inception through to completion, working to ensure every detail meets your requirements.

Here are a few of the tasks I can handle on your behalf, under your direction:

  • Represent your technical needs (Owner’s Representative)
  • Systems design
  • Construction contractor interface
  • Architect interface
  • Product evaluation and selection
  • AV contractor evaluation, selection, and oversight
  • Procurement assistance
  • Change orders
  • Systems testing to ensure function and a quality installation (before you accept the system)

If you’re tasked with delivering an audio visual system or need someone to manage an AV-technical project, please contact me anytime with questions or to seek assistance.

Thank you.

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