Owner Representation


What is an owner representative?
Like a buyer’s agent in real estate, the owner representative works solely on behalf of the project owner, owing duties to the owner, which include the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity. Serving as the owner’s project representative and as a technical point of contact to the systems contractor, David Logsted expertly represents his client’s audio visual needs in the project process, overseeing the project in every detail to ensure exceptional results.

Many larger corporations have an in-house AV team to oversee their audio visual projects.

Who will represent you in your next audio visual project?

An advanced audio visual (AV) project requires independent oversight by someone with AV-specialized technical expertise. It is critical to have such an audio visual expert directly involved in the construction process to represent your needs throughout the project.

David Logsted is your “in-house” Audio Visual Specialist!

There are many well-qualified audio visual contractors. Yet the pressures imposed upon them by the construction process, the economy, and the culture can lead to less than satisfactory results. With David Logsted as your representative, overseeing the systems contractor’s work, typical project difficulties may be avoided and many benefits realized.

With David Logsted on your team…

Risks averted typically include:

  • High cost
  • Quality Issues
  • Schedule extensions
  • Poor systems design
  • Inappropriate equipment choices
  • Inaccurate or poorly written documentation

Benefits realized typically include:

  • Budget savings
  • Maximum quality
  • Delivery on schedule
  • Appropriate technology choices
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Appropriate and accurate system documentation
  • Clean, quality installation
  • Thorough functional testing prior to system acceptance
  • Maximized value for every budget dollar
  • Peace of mind (knowing your project is in good hands and your needs are represented well)

By utilizing David Logsted of Compass AudioVisual, LLC as an expert to learn your needs and requirements, then manage the design and build of your advanced audio visual facility from start to finish, you can relax knowing your needs are represented well, and the results will be superior.

Please contact David anytime to discuss your project or for more information.

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