ISF-C Certification


Through specialized training and testing given by the Imaging Science Foundation (Commercial), David S. Logsted has acheived ISF-C Certification. This means he has attained membership in the elite community of display experts recognized around the world as working to the highest standards.

To learn more about this training, please visit the ISF Commercial Course Outline page

Note: David’s ISF-C Certification was preceded by over 7-years experience calibrating multiple-projector high-resolution displays (calibrating multiple projectors, in an array of projectors, to match each other in color, luminosity, brightness, contrast, etc).

David Logsted utilizes his ISF-C certification by offering Display Calibration servics

Information on ISF-C:
The following information is reprinted directly from the Imaging Science Foundation website:
The ISF Commercial Course teaches the science of light and color and how the human eye reacts to the images it sees. Human factors and the viewing environment are then considered as part of the equation. Television standards, signal types, and the effects of scalers and processors are examined to see their effect on screen, followed by a close look at specifications and what they really mean in the viewing experience. Each display technology is reviewed in terms of performance capabilities as well as limitations and a screen basics course wraps up the detailed look at how it all blends together in what we see.

The final section incorporates a hands-on lab illustrating detailed calibration processes for front and rear projection as well as flat panel displays providing the procedural elements as well as the “art” that permits the calibrator to maximize the image on screen.

The course wraps up with a look at the business side of commercial display calibration and the value proposition that makes sense to the end users. An examination is provided at the end of the course for those wanting to become ISF Commercial Certified and attain membership in the elite community of display experts recognized around the world as working to the highest standards.

Learn more about ISF-C by clicking on the ISF-C Brochure image at left (PDF file, ~2MB file size) or
visit the ISF-C Website

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