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David S. LogstedPlease permit me to introduce myself, the professional services I offer, and my project approach, which is somewhat different than most consultants. But first, some background…

I have been in the audio visual (AV) industry for over 25 years, 10 years with Sandia National Laboratories where I designed and managed the construction and operation of Sandia’s flagship scientific visualization facilities — their most advanced audio visual systems. Now, as an audio visual consultant and AV project manager through Compass AudioVisual, LLC, I specialize in advanced, complex, and/or large audio visual systems, such as those used in scientific and 3D stereo visualization, and found at institutions such as national laboratories, universities, and the military. Nevertheless, I work on projects of all sizes, shapes, budgets, and of varying complexity. So although my specialty is the higher-end, cutting-edge projects, don’t let that dissuade you from contacting me to discuss your project. Any project worth doing, is worth doing well.

Through years of experience in the AV industry, especially while serving as Sandia’s “go-to-guy” for scientific visualization facilities, I developed a collaborative project approach which utilizes both my audio visual and project management expertise. My approach is designed to deliver the highest quality results, and oftentimes realizes cost savings as well. I start by doing a needs analysis, then developing a systems design and a Technical Specification document (includes design details, required contractor qualifications, standards, etc.) to aid in the procurement process. Then, selection of the most qualified AV contractor is a critical choice for which I provide AV-technical counsel. Next, representing my client’s technical needs, I oversee the audio visual construction project, using the Technical Specification as the “system Bible” for the construction project, to facilitate quality at every level. Finally, I verify quality by personally putting the system through its paces with thorough acceptance testing.

The following recommended services represent the Compass AudioVisual, LLC project approach:

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  • Needs Analysis: Analyze needs and requirements through discussions with appropriate personnel, including representative end users and other project stakeholders.

  • Conceptual systems design: Design the system function, specifying specific equipment where prudent. Design will include as much detail as possible, while allowing the selected AV contractor the freedom to select product [where not specifically identified] to fulfill design requirements. This respects and leverages the contractor’s expertise, thus facilitating a more collaborative relationship.

    Note: Full systems design services are available as well, which is appropriate for some projects. However, delivery of a full systems design to an AV contractor represents more of a dictating, less collaborative project approach.

  • Technical Specification: A detailed document created to represent the system design and requirements to the bidding AV contractors. It also includes required qualifications, standards, documentation, and training, as well as other pertinent project details. As such, the “Tech Spec” is designed to be wrapped into the Request For Proposal (RFP) going out to the bidding AV-contractors. Once a contractor is selected, the Tech Spec serves as the “system Bible,” a necessary tool for holding the contractor to the contractually agreed upon project scope.

  • Bid Evaluation: Evaluate the bids submitted by the AV contractors and provide recommendations to the client on the contractor best suited for the project.

  • Project Oversight/Coordination: Through both remote and onsite interactions with project stakeholders, serve as the communication hub and AV-technical point of contact for the project owner, architect, builder, and the AV contractor. Plan, organize, and manage the available resources to promote the project’s audio visual and system automation goals and objectives. Strive to achieve all of the project objectives while keeping project scope, quality, time and budget in balance.

  • AV-Technical Owner’s Representative: Similar to a buyer’s agent in real estate, work on behalf of the project owner, owing duties to the project owner, which include the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity. Serving as the project owner’s representative and as a technical point of contact to the AV systems contractor and other project stakeholders, expertly represent the project owner’s audio visual and system automation needs throughout the project process, overseeing the project in every detail to ensure exceptional results.

  • Contractor Documentation: Review and markup all AV contractor developed documentation. This is a quality control measure to help ensure all documentation is professional, comprehensible and meets requirements.
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) design: Work with the AV contractor’s control system programmer in the design and implementation of the GUI to promote a user friendly, intuitive control interface which meets or exceeds client expectations.

  • Installation Oversight: As a quality control agent, through regular communication with all project players and necessary site visit(s), oversee the system installation to facilitate a professional installation which meets industry accepted standards of quality.

  • Systems Acceptance Testing: Design and execute a thorough Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) to confirm AV contractor delivery of a fully functional system. Any issues found during testing are assembled into a punch list which the AV contractor must then address. The AV system is not accepted as complete until all punch list items have been remedied and full functionality is achieved.

Although most effective when selected together as a package, the process steps outlined above may be selected individually as well, depending on client needs.

Please contact me directly to discuss your project needs or questions. Even general AV questions or very preliminary project questions are welcomed, as early involvement promotes project success. Thank you.


David S. Logsted, PMP, CTS
Compass AudioVisual, LLC
PO Box 3082
Edgewood, NM 87015-3082
(505) 281-3130 desk
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