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Personal attention from a highly-technical audio visual and project management professional, backed by years of cutting-edge experience.

A few reasons to consider Compass AudioVisual, LLC:

Unique Expertise:

David Logsted, Compass AudioVisual, LLC Principal, is an accomplished audio visual professional as well as a PMP-certified project manager. There are many audio visual consultants and there are many project managers, but finding an experienced audio visual professional who is also a PMP-certified project manger is rare. With this exceptional combination, David is distinctly qualified to lead the most advanced audio visual projects from concept to completion.

A Comprehensive Approach:

Rather than just work up a systems design and hand it off to a audio visual contractor to build (many consultants do this), David prefers to stay deeply involved in the audio visual construction process, by managing the project as a technical representative for his client, to ensure a successful result. In today’s high stress, multi-tasking culture (see Quality Philosophy), capable project leadership is essential.
Sandia Labs Accomplishments 2004 Cover


David Logsted’s qualifications include:

  • Over 25 years industry experience
  • 10-year record as a National Laboratory innovator
  • Project management certification (PMP)
  • A degree in electrical engineering
  • A drive for excellence and quality!

David has spent over 25 years in the audio visual and systems engineering industries, 10-years designing and managing the construction and operation of several multi-million dollar scientific visualization and other advanced audiovisual facilities for Sandia National Laboratories — a US Deparment of Energy (DOE) national laboratory.

From the Sandia website:

Since 1949, Sandia National Laboratories has developed science-based technologies that support our national security. Today, the 300+ million Americans depend on Sandia’s technology solutions to solve national and global threats to peace and freedom.

From Sandia National Laboratories
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David contributed to our nation’s national security by serving as the sole designer, project manager, and operations lead for Sandia National Laboratory’s leading scientific visualization facilities at their main campus in Albuquerque, NM from 2000-2010.In addtion, he became sought after, representing Sandia, as an Advanced Audiovisual & Scientific Visualization Specialist — providing expert consultation to non-Sandia entities, such as state government and corporate, when called upon (e.g., see Dec 27, 2010 “thank you” email from NM Dept of Information Technology on the Testimonials page).

To you!
Design for Secure Environments
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While at Sandia National Laboratories, David worked in and designed audiovisual systems for secure environments. He is therefore familiar with many of the necessary system characteristics required for audiovisual and compute system implementation in a secure environment.
Experience includes:

  • Cable marking, dressing, separation and inspection
  • Software approval process
  • Transmission security measures
  • “Mixed-mode” equipment operation
  • Equipment compliance testing (e.g. EAL4, Common Criteria)

You can trust Compass Audiovisual to work in your secure environment

David realized that there is a need for advanced audio visual expertise in numerous industries beyond Sandia National Laboratories. With this realization, Compass AudioVisual, LLC was born. Born for the purpose of bringing direction and excellence to a much wider spectrum of significant audiovisual projects.

Let David Logsted of Compass AudioVisual, LLC be the audio visual specialist to represent you and manage your next audio visual project.

Please contact David anytime to discuss your project or for more information.

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