8.3 MegaPix 3D Viz


High-Resolution (8.3 MegaPixel) 3D-Stereo Visualization Facility

Sandia National Laboratories’ MESA Weapons Integration Facility VIEWS Corridor (2008)

(Sandia National Laboratories’ current flagship visualization facility — since 2009)

Features Include:

High-Resolution Active Stereo Display:

  • 8.3 mega-pixel projector array, comprised of two Sony SXRD-S110 projectors stacked in a rear-projection configuration, providing a 3840×2160 pixel resolution (4 times 1080p true-HD)

  • 9ft x 16ft Stewart Filmscreen Aeroview-100, 1/2in thick glass screen
  • Active stereo accomplished by external shuttering mechanism, shuttering the projectors alternately in time with shuttering stereo glasses

Audiovisual “laptop popup” interfaces for connecting laptops into the system for display onscreen

  • Each popup includes power, network, video input, audio input, control system interface

Two True-HD front-projected displays on wall to left & right of glass high-resolution display wall (1080p)

  • DPI Titan projectors, 1920×1080 resolution (1080p)

3D haptics device interface for realtime 3D interaction with data (via haptics chair)

Technical Lectern (designed by David Logsted):

Lectern includes:

  • 2 PC sources
  • Laptop “popup” interface
  • Crestron control touch panel
  • Clear-Com Intercom station
  • Keyboard/mouse control stations
  • Two 1920×1200 LCD monitors
  • Sound reinforcement microphone
  • VCR, DVD (HD-DVD/Blue-Ray ready)
  • Document camera

Control Booth: Equipment similar same as lectern with addition of the following:

  • Near-field speaker monitoring
  • Dual 1920×1200 LCD monitors

Intercom System:

  • Dual-channel Clear-Com “party-line” stations at 3 locations

Horizontal projection table for electronic document interaction and general conference use

  • Stone (Quartz) table surface
  • 30in tall by 8ft glass projection screen mounted in table surface
  • 3 SXGA+ (1400×1050) projectors underfloor, focused on screen
  • Two integrated audiovisual interface “laptop popup” boxes
  • E-Beam annotation/markup device

Device Camera:

  • Two field-of-view complimentary HD-SDI HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras mounted in ceiling for capture/display of items beneath (e.g. models placed on a table, large items on floor).
  • Images may be displayed onscreen within facility or sent out via videoconferencing


  • 7.1 Surround Sound via Lexicon MC-4 processor
  • Renkus-Heinz speakers for program audio
  • Ceiling speaker “cans” for conference audio
  • Peavey MediaMatrix processing

Videoconferencing: ISDN & IP, front and rear room cameras

Video switching:

  • All signals converted to DVI and routed through a large DVI switcher (Logical Solutions DCS Series)

KVM Switching infrastructure for control of multiple PCs from multiple locations

Video/image sharing with neighboring facilities

Seating: Theater style seating for 60; seating for 8-10 at conference/projection table


MESA is an acronym for Microsystems and Engineering Science Applications. The $516M MESA Project was the largest infrastructure investment in Sandia’s history. This complex enables Sandia National Labs to execute its enduring mission of assuring safety, security, and reliability of nuclear weapons and to fulfill a prominent role in the nation’s science and engineering enterprise for national security.

WIF stands for Weapons Integration Facility

VIEWS stands for Visual Interactive Environment for Weapons Simulation. Corridor is a term adopted by Sandia in the late 1990s to represent a pathway through which large volumes of data are funnelled from computation (large-scale compute clusters) to the eye/mind of the scientist and engineer. Thus a “VIEWS Corridor” is meant to describe a viewing environment wherein scientists and engineers may interract with their computational data in a very seemless, fluent way. The term was originally meant to be applied to all scientific visualization facilities, but it was only applied to the First VIEWS Corridor (2000) and the MESA WIF VIEWS Corridor (2008). The JCEL Vislab and the MESA Microlab facilities do not have the VIEWS Corridor moniker, although they are visualization facilities.

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