31.5 MegaPix Viz


Ultra high-resolution (31.5 mega-pixel) scientific visualization facility

Sandia National Laboratories’ JCEL Vislab (2004)

(Sandia National Laboratories’ flagship visualization facility from 2004-2008)

Note: JCEL is an acronym for Joint Computational Engineering Laboratory. The ~$30M facility was built in 2003, among other reasons, for the purpose of colocating engineers and scientists of similar disciplines to achieve engineering efficiency.

Features Include:

  • High-Resolution Display (mono):
    • 31.5 mega-pixel projector array, comprised of 24 SXGA (1280×1024) 3-chip DLP projectors (Digital Projection HighLite 4000Dsx)
    • 9ft x 18ft Stewart Filmscreen Aeroview 100, 1/2in thick glass screen
    • High-Resolution PC content provided from two 24-node render clusters
    • Standard and high-resolution content displayed on wall via a Jupiter 980 wall processor
  • Standard Resolution content:
    • Displayed on three “single” projectors (Barco R8, 1280×1024) focused on front projected screen at Left, Center, and Right positions. Center screen drops down in front of glass high-resolution array screen.
    • From PC, Laptop, document camera, DVD, VCR
  • Technical Lectern (designed by David Logsted):

    • 2 PC sources
    • Laptop “popup” interface
    • Crestron touch panel control panel with real-time annotation
    • Keyboard/mouse control stations
    • Sound reinforcement microphone
    • VCR, DVD, document camera
  • 10 Audiovisual “popups” for connecting laptops into the system for display onscreen
    • Popup includes power, network, video input, audio input, control system interface
  • Conference Table: Includes
    • Two laptop “popup” interfaces
    • PZM microphones for videoconferencing
    • Ceiling-mounted document camera, focuses on table for capture and display of documents
  • Audio:
    • 7.1 Surround Sound Audio
    • EAW, Crown, and Gentner components
  • Videoconferencing: ISDN & IP
  • Crestron Automation controls all room functions
    • TPS-6000 and real-time annotation touch control panels
  • Graphical room representation with functional icons/buttons overlaid
  • Switching: DVI, RGBHV, S-Video, via Extron switchers (e.g. Matrix 6400, Crosspoint)
  • Patching of most video signals

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