62.9 MegaPix Viz


Extreme Ultra-High-Resolution (62.9 MegaPixel) Immersive Scientific Visualization Facility

Sandia National Laboratories’ 880 VIEWS Corridor (2001)

(Sandia National Laboratories’ flagship visualization facility from 2001-2004)

Note: David Logsted was on the design team for this facility and supervised the construction. Additionally, he was responsible for the setup, calibration and ongoing operation/maintenance of the facility, including the array wall.

Features Include:

  • High-Resolution Display (mono):

    • 62.9 mega-pixel projector array, comprised of 48 SXGA (1280×1024) 3-chip DLP projectors (Digital Projection HighLite 4000sx)
    • Immersive Environment: Three 16-projector walls, with Center, left & right angled 45deg in.
    • Three 10ft x 13ft Stewart Filmscreen Aeroview 100, 1/2in thick glass screens
    • High-Resolution PC content provided from 64-node render cluster
    • Standard resolution (non-cluster) computer content displayed on wall via both a Jupiter 980 and Vista Systems Spyder wall processors
    • High-Resolution DVD content provided by a 16 DVD players mapped to the 16 projectors on center wall
  • Standard Resolution content:
    • Displayed on three projectors (Barco Reality 6300, 1280×1024) each focused full-screen on one of the three glass screens.
    • From PC, Laptop, document camera, DVD, VCR, Satellite TV
  • Audio:
    • 7.1 Surround Sound Audio (program) plus ceiling cans for videoconferencing
    • EAW, Crown, Sabine, Lectrosonics, Lexicon, and Gentner components
  • ISDN & IP Videoconferencing
  • Crestron Automation controls all room functions:
  • Two TPS-6000 XGA touch panels
  • Graphical room representation with functional icons/buttons overlaid
  • Switching: RGBHV, S-Video, Composite video via Extron switchers (e.g. Matrix 6400, Crosspoint)
  • Patching of most video signals

Note:VIEWS stands for Visual Interactive Environment for Weapons Simulation. Corridor is a term adopted by Sandia in the late 1990s to represent a pathway through which large volumes of data are funnelled from computation (large-scale compute clusters) to the eye/mind of the scientist and engineer. Thus a “VIEWS Corridor” is meant to describe a viewing environment wherein scientists and engineers may interract with their computational data in a very seemless, fluent way. The term was originally meant to be applied to all scientific visualization facilities, but it was only applied to the First VIEWS Corridor (2000) and the MESA WIF VIEWS Corridor (2008). The JCEL Vislab and the MESA Microlab facilities do not have the VIEWS Corridor moniker, although they are visualization facilities.

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