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On occasion, Compass AudioVisual, LLC enters into informal strategic partnerships with other companies and individuals which compliment our offerings. It is very important to David S. Logsted (Compass AudioVisual, LLC Owner) that these partners operate, like Compass AudioVisual,LLC, with the highest ethical, moral, and quality standards.

We are proud to recommend the following companies for the following types of work:

Recording Mastering Services:

High Fidelity Mastering

High Fidelity Mastering is a mastering studio in Albuquerque, NM, owned and operated by Mr. Andy Rogulich, award-winning mastering engineer. I (David Logsted) have known Andy since 1999; we share a love of audio visual technologies, engineering, and the pursuit of excellence. I’ve heard the results Andy can produce, and they are exceptional! Please visit the High Fidelity Mastering website to learn more, and contact Andy Rogulich at High Fidelity Mastering anytime you want to prepare your recording for primetime — tell him David at Compass AudioVisual, LLC sent you.

Audiovisual Staging & Event Production:

Treffen Saint John, LLC

Treffen Saint John LLC is a Phoenix-based audiovisual firm serving meeting planners and hospitality concerns primarily in California and the American Southwest. Treffen Saint John prides itself on unparalleled service and performance. They are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for staging large corporate events and hotel outsourcing. They provide audio visual staging and event production, audio visual consulting, recruiting, training, interim management, and outsourcing services for hotels and resorts. Their philosophy: “Our reward is satisfied clients!”

Please contact Nick Voss at Treffen Saint John, LLC anytime you need help with event production or other services he offers, and tell him David at Compass AudioVisual, LLC sent you.

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